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Mobile Development Manager (Flutter)

Al Rehab, Second New Cairo, Egypt

Job Type

Full time/On-site


About the Role

Hiring for a leading Saudi E-Commerce Organization for their first office in Egypt!

Job Details


  • Lead and oversee the development of cross-platform mobile applications using Flutter, ensuring adherence to best practices and writing clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

  • Architect and implement cross-platform mobile app structures with Flutter, emphasizing code reusability, platform compatibility, and optimizing app performance and responsiveness.

  •  Conduct comprehensive code reviews to maintain high-quality standards, identify potential issues, and enforce best practices. Implement robust testing strategies, including unit tests and integration tests, to deliver bug-free applications.

  •  Investigate and resolve technical issues, bugs, and crashes specific to Flutter. Employ thorough debugging and troubleshooting methods to ensure the stability and reliability of mobile applications.

  • Identify and optimize performance bottlenecks within Flutter apps, addressing rendering speed, memory usage, and network calls. Implement performance optimizations to deliver fast and seamless user experiences.

  • Document application architecture, development processes, and technical specifications related to Flutter.

  • Create clear and concise technical documentation for reference and knowledge sharing.

Technical Leadership

  • Provide expert technical guidance to the Mobile App development team, ensuring alignment with the latest technologies and best practices in Flutter.

  • Mentor and train junior developers, offering guidance on coding practices, design patterns, and software architecture.

  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure that Mobile App development aligns with the overall architecture and design of the eCommerce platform.

  • Participate actively in code reviews, providing constructive feedback to ensure maintainable, scalable, and secure code.


  • Collaborate within an agile and cooperative environment, contributing to team discussions, sharing knowledge, and actively participating in improving development processes and workflows related to Flutter.

  • Work closely with other teams, including backend development, QA, and product management, to ensure frontend development meets business requirements and quality standards.

  • Coordinate with backend developers to ensure that APIs are designed and developed to meet Mobile App requirements.

  • Collaborate with QA to ensure thorough testing of code to meet quality standards.

  • Collaborate with product management to understand business requirements and provide technical solutions that align with those needs.

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuously evaluate and enhance the Mobile App development process, tools, and technologies.

  • Improve skills and knowledge through self-learning and exploration of new Flutter features and tools.

  • Identify areas for improvement in the development process, tools, and technologies, implementing changes to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Mobile App development team.

  • Stay current with the latest technologies and best practices in Mobile App development and eCommerce platforms.

  • Participate in knowledge-sharing activities, such as internal training and community events, to share knowledge and best practices with other developers.

  • Employee duties are not limited only to the above-mentioned Accountabilities; he/she may perform other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field

  • 4+ years of robust experience in Mobile App development, demonstrating a profound understanding of Cross Platform development methodologies.


  • Essential proficiency in the Flutter cross-platform framework, enabling the development of mobile applications that seamlessly operate on multiple platforms (iOS and Android) with efficient code sharing.


  • Strong knowledge and hands-on experience in mobile app development, utilizing native languages such as Swift (iOS) or Java/Kotlin (Android). This expertise is crucial for understanding platform-specific capabilities and optimizing the cross-platform codebase.

  • Expertise in crafting responsive and platform-specific user interfaces using cross-platform UI libraries or custom components, ensuring the delivery of visually appealing and consistent user experiences across diverse platforms.


  • Proven experience in integrating APIs and managing data exchange between mobile apps and backend services. This skill set is pivotal for establishing seamless data communication and ensuring the optimal functionality of the application.


  • Proficient in testing frameworks and tools specific to cross-platform development, coupled with an adept understanding of debugging techniques across platforms. This proficiency is vital for maintaining high app quality and performance standards.


  • In-depth knowledge of techniques and best practices for optimizing mobile app performance, including app size reduction, memory management, and network optimization.

  • This expertise ensures the delivery of fast and responsive applications.


  • Proficient in version control systems like Git and experienced in collaborative development workflows, facilitating efficient teamwork and code management.


  • Strong problem-solving skills, coupled with the ability to debug complex issues inherent to cross-platform development. This capability is essential for resolving technical challenges and ensuring the seamless functionality of the app.


  • Familiarity with Agile practices, such as Scrum or Kanban, and hands-on experience in iterative development cycles.

  • This background is instrumental in managing projects effectively and delivering incremental updates.

  • Extensive experience with headless architecture and related technologies, including GraphQL and REST APIs, further enhances the skill set, adding depth to the understanding of modern app development architectures.

  • Experience with eCommerce platforms

  • Good English

Company Industry



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